Alternative Pathways and Entry

For young people who have not completed year 12, or are interested in a pathways approach to education, there are a number of ways you can proceed through the levels from Certificate 1 to Bachelor degrees of higher.

Certificate 1 is a foundation level study and includes certificates such as work or vocational education.

Certificate 2 is often an entry or pre-vocational level.

Certificate 3 is the level studied for most apprenticeships.

Certificate 4 and Diploma are the next levels and some of these will be nested together.

Advanced Diplomas are offered in TAFE and also higher education institutions and dual sector providers – that is providers that are both TAFE and universities.

Associate Diplomas are offered by some providers as an alternative pathway to university.

Bachelor degrees are also called undergraduate degrees and are offered in university although many TAFEs offer bachelor degrees in partnership with University providers.

Beyond this level studies are called post graduate such as  Honours, Masters and Doctorate or Phd.

By taking a pathways approach you move through the levels and are often able to gain credits for the next level.  Entry to each level often depends on successful completion and sometimes a grade point average (GPA) to proceed to the next.

The following links have some examples and pathways offered in various institutions:

Box Hill TAFE pathways

Chisholm pathways

Deakin Pathways

Holmesglen pathways

Monash pathways

RMIT pathways

Swinburne pathways

Victoria university pathways

For other pathways options check the providers website and talk to the provider.

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