School Programs

There are many school programs that provide flexibility and applied approaches:

You can talk to your school about an ILP – Individual learning Plan that may assist in developing a program  more relevant to you as an individual.

These may include :

Some schools offer Hands on Learning an applied learning approach that may suit some learners.

In FMP region the following schools offer this program :

Frankston – Frankston High School

Karingal – McClelland Secondary College

Mount Eliza – Mount Eliza Secondary College

Rosebud – Eastbourne Primary School

Rosebud – Rosebud Secondary College

Somerville – Somerville Secondary College

Click here for school contact details


VCAL is also an applied certificate most school in FMP region offer this option.

VET in schools offered the opportunity to study a TAFE course while at school in either the VCE or VCAL certificate.

SBAT – a School Based Apprenticeship enables students to work and learn.

VCE is the Victorian Certificate of education – completed usually over 2 years – year 11 and 12.

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