There is a difference between leaving school before  17 years old and after 17.

The Department of Education (DET) requirements outline policy in relation to  early school leavers and leaving school before and after 17 years old.

Before leaving school it is important to have:

  1. Investigated all in school options.
  2. Talked to a careers advisor and have a plan.
  3. Investigated policy and school leaving age .
  4. Found a job or a course.
  5. Discovered your best career options through career exploration.
  6. Looked at opportunities to gain experience.

This video has information on pathways planning and options – Any more Questions

If you have decided to leave school before you complete year 10 or are under 17 there are many ways of getting year 12 or an equivalent (Cert 3 ), the following options are available :

  1. Continuing education with a Local Flexible Provider.
  2. TAFE course- for example – a Certificate 3 is considered by DET to be a year 12 equivalent.
  3. Starting an Apprenticeship or Traineeship – the employment section of this site can help.
  4. Having a break from school and doing a re engagement program. These are short term courses offered outside school.
  5. Online secondary education and other online courses.
  6. Distance Education
  7. Home or Part time education

Before leaving school you may want to consider Skill Development and short term programs outside of school such as :

Hand Break Turn

Tools for the Trade

Services Australia has a school leavers page