There are many school programs that provide flexibility through individualised and applied approaches such as :

  • An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) can be negotiated between the student and school that may assist in developing a a more individualised and relevant learning program.
  • Hands on Learning is a program offered by some schools which is an applied learning approach that may suit some learners.
  • Some schools offer customised year 9 and 10 programs such as a pre VCAL program or other applied programs. Each school is different. To find out more you can talk to the school.
  • Workplace Learning
  • In senior school the following is available in most schools:
    • VCAL – an applied year 11 and 12 certificate. Most schools in FMP region offer this option.
    • VET in schools (VETis) – offers the opportunity to study a TAFE course while at school in either the VCE or VCAL certificate.
    • SBAT – a School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship enables students to work and learn, combining education and employment.
    • VCE – the Victorian Certificate of Education is delivered in years 11 and 12. There are a large range of subjects to choose from.